Tom Olson is the founder and President of Olson Group Network, which includes: Conduit Capital, Olson Group, Olson Property Services, Olson Construction Management Services, Sarah Jo, LLC and Good Success. He is the author of multiple popular books for entrepreneurs and investors including "The 30-Day Good Success Journey", "Active Turnkey: The Best Way to Buy Rentals", and "Investors vs Contractors". Tom hosts The Good Success Podcast, a popular podcast for investors and entrepreneurs dedicated to achieving true lasting financial success as well as true personal and professional fulfillment not only through investing and helping their businesses rise to new heights but also to bring purpose and meaning to those businesses.

In Tom’s career in real estate, he has borrowed and paid back over $20 million to private investors to buy, fix, and sell over 1,000 homes in the Northwest Indiana region. With his history of borrowing, Tom saw the need to help investors keep their money deployed in the real estate industry. This is where the Conduit Capital Fund originated.

Tom has two big goals in his life. One includes giving away a billion dollars in his lifetime and the other goal is flipping Gary, Indiana. This is where the Olson Group Network builds rental and lending portfolios for investors and then stewards these investments for their clients. Tom also hosts the Active Turn Key Podcast where you can learn more about turnkey rentals.

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